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Every Bellroy begins as a clean slate, and grows more unique with every year of use. So, in celebration of our 10th anniversary, we checked in with some of our extended family to see how their Bellroys have aged. Some had great stories to tell, including the time a Slim Sleeve saved someone’s butt (quite literally) on the ski slopes, and a sailcloth prototype that lasted the longest of all.
Read on to see them all!
Andy, Bellroy’s co-founder and CEO, is holding a Card Sleeve prototype he made from FedEx packaging. - Bells Beach
“My absolute favorite customer story was from a guy called Lucas. While skiing in Tahoe, he hit some deep powder and bailed, hard. Hard enough that his ski flew back and nailed him in the rear end, slicing through his ski pants and the trusty Note Sleeve in his back pocket. Even though the wallet suffered a nasty gouge, everything inside was fine, and Lucas credits it with, quite literally, saving his ass.”

“This Slim Sleeve has been through a lot of fun with me – a new house, a new puppy and a new girlfriend (all of which have made a dint in my pocket, haha). The color of it has always delighted me. I get a lot of compliments, and it’s been quite an icebreaker. You don't see wallets this color often, so I love that it’s out of the ordinary.”

– Dan is a friend and fellow creative whom you may spot in a Bellroy photoshoot or two.
“I’ve had this Slim Sleeve since, well, probably the year Bellroy started! Honestly, it still surprises me every day. THAT SIMPLE PULL TAB. Every time I pull on it, it's like I'm performing a magic trick, and I've had multiple people comment on it.

One time I was checking in for a flight, and pulled out my wallet to get my ID. I noticed a gentleman next to me, looking directly at me. We made eye contact and he nodded in approval, holding up his Bellroy wallet. I nodded back, smiling.”

– Taylor is an industrial designer, beard champion and Carryology’s senior editor.
Raj keeps our wallet production running smoothly. - Chennai, India 
 Kannan helps get our wallets made and out into the world. - Chennai, India